Let’s Take This Outside

Sep 19, 2023
2 min read
By: Mark Sohm

This month’s release of the Mappedin Web SDK includes a new feature that many have been asking for, Outdoor View! Outdoor View allows you to include outdoor maps that surround your beautiful indoor maps. 

Users may find Outdoor View incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it seamlessly integrates outdoor maps with indoor ones, providing a holistic view of a venue's layout. This can be especially valuable for large complexes like shopping centers, universities, or airports, where visitors often transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, Outdoor View's vector-based tile rendering ensures high-quality map visuals without pixelation, even when users zoom in for a detailed view of indoor areas. This enhanced clarity can assist users in navigating complex indoor layouts more effectively. What's even better is that Mappedin is offering this feature for free to its customers, making it an affordable and valuable addition to our mapping capabilities.

Outdoor view can be used during development using localhost with ports 3000, 5173, 8000 and 8080. Customers will need to have their domains whitelisted by Mappedin for production use.

To take full advantage of this feature, customer venues need to be mapped with the outdoor map style and data in mind. We’re looking forward to a new era of Mappedin maps that are designed to look exceptional with the Outdoor View. 

Enabling Outdoor View in your app is easy and only requires a couple lines to be added. The snippet below highlights how you enable Outdoor View

const mapView = await showVenue(document.getElementById("app")!, venue, {
multiBufferRendering: true,
outdoorView: {
enabled: true,

Give it a try yourself using the Codesandbox below. Use right click to pan and tilt and left click to drag the map around.

Whether you're exploring a shopping center, a university campus, or an airport, Outdoor View can enhance your overall experience and help you find your way with ease.

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