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    Aiki ClassroomSAFE

    Austin, TX

    Aiki empowers everyone on campus to have a roll in school safety when there is a lockdown. Our app sends notification to everyone on campus to hide behind a locked door, because no child has ever been killed behind a locked classroom door, ever.


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    Apple Logo


    Cupertino, CA

    Mappedin leverages Apple’s free indoor positioning system to provide a blue dot experience that does not rely on hardware. Through Mappedin’s web application, users can view their precise location, getting a turn-by-turn wayfinding experience directly through the browser.


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    Canada, Germany, Australia, China

    Believing that digital and real-life experiences must collide. Broadsign believes that campaigns drive growth, build excitement and prompt innovation. Where digital interactions inspire conversations and connect communities. Where bold creativity inspires bright ideas, Broadsign is making it easier than ever for media publishers, agencies and brands to harness the power of out-of-home and connect with audiences across the globe. Lighting up airports, shopping malls, health clinics, transit systems and more, this platform powers messaging at the heart of people's lives.

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    Cineplex Digital Media Logo

    Cineplex Digital Media

    Waterloo, ON

    Cineplex Digital Media(CDM) is an end-to-end digital experience company, offering digital signage solutions and on-site retail media networks, for leading brands in shopping centers, restaurants, banks, retailers, and entertainment destinations.

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    Crowd Connected


    We provide cutting-edge location intelligence from connected devices. Our indoor positioning and location software service is used by major events, venues and sites across the globe which benefit from the real-time insight our technology delivers. By 2020 there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users globally and 75 billion connected devices. Most of these devices will be mobile, generating rich location data trails. We’ve built a platform to harvest and process that fast big data stream to power new levels of real-time predictive analytics, service optimization and personalization.


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    EVS helps companies experience how to operate better with technology employees love using. EVS’ mobe3 WMS and mobe3 Live apps are built natively on the iOS platform and apply Apple’s design ethos to the enterprise space for an easy to use, easy to learn, and quick to deploy solution that is well suited for midsize and large enterprises. Let EVS help bring your industrial spaces into the modern age while optimizing your warehouse layout, getting insights into employee productivity, and improving the safety and security of your sites.


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    USA, Finland

    IndoorAtlas is transforming the way people will be looking for indoor navigation. IndoorAtlas’s patented magnetic technology uses natural anomalies of the geomagnetic field to pinpoint locations indoors. IndoorAtlas is the world leader in providing solutions to developers to build location-based apps and scale their plans globally.


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    Informatix is an IT solution company that utilizes technologies such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), XR, and AI machine learning to help customers solve business problems and create new value. With the motto of "A Spatial Information Innovation Company Creating the Future,” Informatix has specialized engineers to provide unique value and continue to challenge new technologies. As one of the leading digital solutions providers in Japan, Informatix works with Mappedin to incorporate digital mapping into holistic solutions for the built environment. As a reseller, Informatix aims to integrate mapping and wayfinding into malls across Japan.


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