Mappedin Web SDK v5.19.0 Release (Oct 2023)

Oct 20, 2023
2 min read
By: Kimberly Luu

Mappedin’s Web SDKs let you build the indoor mapping experience your business needs, regardless of industry or use case. Our SDKs allow you to easily integrate mapping into your website, mobile application, or custom directory solution. 

Explore our guides, API references, releases notes and more at Mappedin’s Developer Portal.

Release Highlights

Dynamic Focus Mode

  • Dynamic Focus reveals the inside of buildings as the user explores the map

  • Previously, only single buildings were available for viewers to click in and focus on. With this new update, users can now zoom in and out the map to various building and view the inside contents

  • Learn more - Dynamic Focus Guide

Outline Effect for Polygons

  • Introducing a new outline effect that draws an outline around selected polygons

  • This feature provides users with the capability to choose and highlight multiple polygons

Outlining multiple polygons

Ability to Hide and Display Polygon Layers

  • Developers can now choose to hide and show map layers

  • New feature that has been eagerly requested from our clientele

  • Useful Tip - Hide wall layers for a flat map visual (eg. for printing) 

  • Learn more - Layers Guide

Checkbox selection to show or hide layers on indoor map

Set Hover Colors of Individual Polygons

  • Developers can now assign different colors on hover for individual polygons

  • Useful for identifying different genres of stores in a mall or seating areas at a stadium

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed focusOn incorrectly centering target within safeAreaInsets.

  • Fixed simplified directions with MappedinDestinationSet.

  • Fixed FlatLabels and geometry showing for multiple floors at once.

  • Fixed E_SDK_EVENT.CLICK position returning incorrect coordinates.

  • Fixed performance when adding multiple labels one-by-one.

  • Fixed a crash when modifying paths during map transition.

  • Fixed BlueDot appearing darker with multi-buffer rendering.

  • Fixed some instances where the camera would spin during focusOn.

  • Fixed some instances of transparency layer fighting.

  • Fixed focusOn positioning when the <div> is changed from display: none.

See Full Release Notes

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