Mappedin SDK Updates - October 2023

Nov 1, 2023
3 min read
By: Mandy Tang

Mappedin SDK is used to power thousands of venues worldwide and is constantly improving with new functionality. Here’s a feature roundup of the latest SDK additions and improvements.

Dynamic Focus Mode 

Dynamic focus allows users to reveal the indoors while exploring a map. For multi-building and single building experiences, users can focus on the map that is the center of their viewport with the zoom function. This makes it easier for users to navigate a multi-building venue by reducing the clutter within the viewport and revealing information that is most relevant to their journey.

Outline Effect for Polygons 

Select multiple polygons and have an outline displayed for each polygon or group of polygons. This feature can highlight specific areas of the map to users, aid in data visualization, or even help communicate changes in a specific area of the venue.

Hide and Display Polygon Layers

You can now choose what layers to display or hide to create an optimized mapping experience. This feature gives developers the capability to customize their map appearance and focus on information that is most relevant to their users. Read more about Layers and its capability here (including a map and code sandbox to play with).

Individual Polygon Hover Colors 

Unlock further customizations of your mapping experiences with the capability to set individual polygon hover colors. This feature can be useful for differentiating stores, categories, or other location information.

More Improvements and Enhancements

We have caught and fixed several of bugs this month, here are some highlights: 

Focus On Camera Animation

We fixed the focus animation to always prioritize the shortest rotation, preventing dizzying spin animations from occurring.

Flat Labels and Logos 

We fixed the issue of logos disappearing or blending into the polygon upon zooming in and out of the map. In the before and after example images below, see the upper left building logo (The Keg) to see the change (it is much clearer now).

Check out a full list of fixes from this past month here

New Features Coming Soon

Transient Polygons

Developers will have the ability to use smooth fade-away and fade-in transitions between polygons to reveal additional polygons and information as a user zooms into the map. Transient polygons allow the map to have dynamic detail levels, revealing relevant information as the user focuses on a certain area. Another major benefit of using transient polygons is to provide users with an understanding of the hierarchy of geospatial data within your venue’s map without the need for additional UI elements

For example, a retail store map can show an area for women’s apparel products, and upon interaction and zoom of the map, additional information is revealed, such as shelves with tops, bottoms, and accessories.

outdoor map zooming into a building and revealing the contents of the building such as different rooms, sitting areas, and a person with a line

Analytics API 

Analytics helps you make informed decisions regarding your business. In the upcoming months, we are working towards improvements to our analytics solution such as having a richer analytics API that will include additional data fields that occur on a UI level. Additionally, we are working towards integrations with Microsoft PowerBI and providing heat maps, so you can visualize how users interact with your venue at any given time. 

Read more about our latest SDK version release here. Our Developer Portal is a great resource to get the most up to date information regarding Mappedin’s SDK and your one stop shop to access guides, release notes, and our developer gallery

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