Product 101: Mappedin Airports

Oct 11, 2023
5 min read
By: Mandy Tang

Discover the power of Mappedin Airports, a web app designed to help users easily search, discover,  and navigate a complex airport. Built with our innovative Web SDK, this app boasts a fully responsive design that enables travelers to access indoor maps on any device, whether they are researching ahead of time on a desktop computer, or navigating in the airport on their smartphone or tablet. 

What is Mappedin Airports? 

Mappedin Airports is designed and optimized for airport venues with special features to further enhance traveler experience and unlock deeper discovery of stores, restaurants, and much more! Used by world-class airports, Mappedin Airports tells travelers where to check-in, how long the wait is at security, and using their airport flight information, they can easily identify their departure gate and nearest shops and restaurants to that gate. On arrival, the lookup helps travelers find their baggage claim and locate airport curbside services like rideshare and shuttles.

Product Features

Modern User Experience 

With an all-new map design, we made it easy for passengers to find their destination with a muted color palette, dynamic floating labels, and detailed location cards. The muted color palette lets travelers' eyes naturally land on floating labels and gate labels. Selective uses of 3D inform the user as to what is navigable and what is private, remaining uncomplicated yet providing enough realism for orientation.

Floating labels were improved with custom colors and icons to make it easy and intuitive for anyone to find what they are looking for. The iconography has been standardized to give maps a  consistent look and feel across the entire venue. The multi-building experience has improved with an all-new level selector, giving passengers a detailed understanding of where they are within a venue. Details that can be included are terminal type, level, and services travelers may find on the level such as baggage or check-in.

Intuitive Wayfinding  

Airports can be large and complex to navigate. The web app allows users to click through turn-by-turn directions at their own pace to get to their destination. Breaking up a traveler's trip into manageable steps can help reduce confusion, increase efficiency, and ensure that all necessary actions are taken in the correct order. Wayfinding is optimized for both mobile and desktop, to allow travelers to view more of the map while traveling to their destination. 

Navigating indoors is often challenging yet most products provide directions in terms of walking distance, which is hard to determine without clear line-of-sight. Mappedin Airports breaks that paradigm with Landmark Directions that inform the user to change direction at recognizable points in the journey. These directions specifically call out locations a traveler sees along their route. Paired with turn-by-turn directions,  it provides the context needed for travelers to locate themselves along the route. Additionally, integrated real-time data like security wait-times were added, so travelers can have a better understanding of their total travel time Security checkpoint tags are included in the directions so travelers can feel prepared before entering this section of the airport. 

The parking-to-gate journey has never been easier with multi-destination wayfinding. To provide an end-to-end experience, we included an option for travelers to add new stops, drag and order their destinations along their journey, and turn on accessibility if needed. Travelers can park their car, navigate to the check-in desk, go through security, find a coffee along the way, and get to their gate without getting lost.

Ultimate Discovery 

Discover hidden gems within the airport with a whole new search experience. Upon first seeing the map, travelers see and can select customizable categories displayed under the search bar such as flights, food, services, and stores. Intuitive Search helps match the search by entry, then by category match, and lastly by tag match. It  will also display locations that other travelers have searched for in relation to the query entered. Locations that are closest to travelers will display first. 

Mappedin Airports also include an all-new gate card that includes gate information, flights, and nearby locations such as Food & Drinks, Shops, Services, and Washrooms. The closest locations will display here (four locations on desktop, eight locations on mobile), so travelers can quickly select any nearby location category and discover more. 

Save My Gate & Parking 

Users can locate their gate and parking on the map or through search, then save it for future use. The saved location is readily available when looking for directions. It is also pinned on the map until it is removed, allowing the traveler to orient themselves inside the venue and provides a quick reference to where they are seated at their gate. When paired with Blue Dot, this experience becomes even more valuable. A traveler can get directions from anywhere in the venue directly to their gate and see both their location and the gate on the map at all times. The saved locations are cached for 30 days in your web browser, making navigation to their saved parking spot easier than ever!

Mobile Facility Manager 

Control the flow of passenger traffic with the mobile facility manager. This application is external to Mappedin Airports and allows authorized users to open or close areas and connections on the map including security checkpoints, gates,stairs, elevators, and escalators. Routing for passengers is updated in real-time to reflect the status of these areas and connections.


With a digital indoor mapping solution, not only can you provide wayfinding and additional context to users, but you can also gather valuable insights and analytics on how visitors interact with your indoor spaces. Make data-driven decisions for your airport through powerful indoor analytics by understanding travelers’ searches and passenger flow. Visualize analytics on a comprehensive dashboard or on a heat map.

Getting Started 

Contact us to learn more about Mappedin Airports, book a demo, or to implement this solution across your venues.