Map in Minutes: Introducing AI Mapping with Mappedin Maker

Join us and learn how to create a map in minutes using Mappedin Maker. Powered by AI mapping tools and algorithms, it’s easy for anyone to create detailed and accurate indoor maps – with no training required. Mappedin recognizes the need for user-friendly and accessible indoor mapping tools, especially for schools, first responders, and communities.

Our Maker team will discuss why we created an AI-powered indoor mapping product, talk about challenges and considerations while developing it, and some of the benefits and use cases for it. We will also provide a demonstration of how to make a map in only a few minutes using intuitive mapping tools and features.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • More about the indoor mapping landscape
  • Why we created Maker
  • Maker product overview
  • How you can get started with Maker
  • Q&A with the Maker team

Claudio Sa

VP, Product Engineering