September SDK Updates

Oct 6, 2023
2 min read
By: Mandy Tang

The Mappedin SDK allows you to easily create custom mapping experiences that your business needs. Let’s review exciting updates released in the Mappedin SDK this past month.

Outdoor View 

Our new and improved outdoor view utilizes OpenStreetMap vector tiles to provide a sharp and detailed view of the outdoors surrounding your Mappedin venue. Read more about integrating this feature here

General Improvements

We are continuously improving our SDK to create an easy and flexible mapping experience for our developer community. Here are some general improvements we have made to our SDK recently:  

  • Switched to using two-finger tilt on touch screens

  • Floating labels can now be placed at any coordinate on the map

  • Added a way to update an existing Marker’s collider

  • Added a new subtitle property to MappedinMap 

  • Added the option to automatically raise the altitude of the path above all polygons it crosses

  • Exposed a new option in TFocusOnCameraOptions to prevent updating camera zoom limits

  • Exposed a way to get a MappedinCoordinate by screen XY

  • Fixed an issue where BackgroundAlpha 0 wasn’t working 

  • Support for excluding vortexes when generating directions 

You can read more about these updates on our Developer Portal.

Have you seen our new gallery on the developer portal? This gallery showcases examples of how our customers are using the SDK, sorted by industry, use case, or feature.